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Hayfever Injection

The hayfever injection is a steroid injection into the buttocks reserved for those who suffer with severe hayfever not responding to normal treatments, such as antihistamines and eye drops. The injection starts working approximately 2 days after administration and lasts approximately 3 months. 

It is important to be aware, steroids suppress your normal immune response and can leave you more susceptible to other infections such as chicken pox. With this in mind it is important all our patients are fully assessed for its suitability prior to being issued a prescription and being given the injection.

If you weigh more than 80Kg then you may require a higher dose of the injection for it to be effective.

If you feel this may be suitable for you, book in with one of our doctors for a consultation and they will assess you and discuss the best treatment.

All our patients are asked to read the information leaflet (here) for Kenalog (the steroid used in the injection) so you can make a fully informed decision.


Everyone requires a consultation with the doctor prior to receiving the injection to assess suitability

Doctors consultation £160

Hayfever injection £50 (per 40mg dose)

(Those with a bodyweight of more than 80Kg may require more than the standard 40mg dose which will incure a higher cost)

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